The New Home for Kids Golf in NYC!

Kids everywhere love golf, and not just the miniature kind. We’ve crafted a program specifically designed with young children in mind. They’ll experience all of the elements of golf in a simplified, kid-friendly way. Our specially trained U.S. Kids Golf Coaches understand how young children learn. We start with the fundamentals of grip, aim and alignment, stance and posture. We utilize both skill and game-based learning to teach your kids how to putt, chip, pitch and drive in a fun, age-appropriate manner. We’ll work on physical skills like balance, hand-strengthening activities, hand-eye coordination, and more. We want kids to feel at home with golf from the first time they pick up a club, so we built a new golf facility that’s scaled down to their size. And we use equipment that’s specially-designed for younger golfers with popular brands like ShortGolf,® The Littlest Golfer, BirdieBall, and U.S. Kids Golf.


Both of my kids have developed excellent hand-eye coordination, strength, agility and club control. They’re more confident and love going to Golf. The Teaching Pros have high expectations but their energy, patience, expertise, and enthusiasm is even higher. They know how to teach, how to hold kids’ attention (which is huge!) and how to develop a love of sport in young athletes.

— Julie G.


In our golf classes,
children of all levels will…


Classes are taught by U.S. Kids Golf and Positive Coaching Alliance Certified coaches.


My parents were so thrilled that their Grandchildren were learning Golf at such a young age. The first time we played as a family they were shocked at my pre-schoolers Golf knowledge and their ability to hit the ball consistently.
Kids Golf School has given our family an activity we all love doing together.
— Jack K.