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Kids enrolled in our Irons program continue to grow and mature on the course, as they do in life. To learn the technical aspects of the game, we focus on the 4 basics, G.A.S.P. - Grip, Aim, Stance and Posture. We work with equipment that’s been specially designed for kids’ size and ability. Brands like ShortGolf, Littlest Golfer, BirdieBall and U.S. Kids Golf. This helps them learn while still being successful.

Irons will focus on refining the speed and length of their swings–short and medium putts, chipping, pitching, and full swings–with the desired goal to develop an efficient, consistent swing. The kids use smaller targets and learn how to control the height of the ball.

They will continue to master the tools of the game by learning which club is used when. Their golf vocabulary will continue to grow alongside their skillset. Irons will learn about etiquette and scoring as well as be introduced to course strategy.

Developing relevant motor skills is part of every class. New activities will focus on dynamic balance, increased hand-strengthening and hand-eye coordination. To advance to the next level, golfers must be able to hit a full swing, transfer their weight smoothly and stick the finish.


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