Little Putters
2 - 3yrs


A love of the game starts early for our Little Putters. For this age group, we focus on the fundamentals that will help them grow their game, and themselves as athletes.

For basic physical skills, our young golfers will work on hand-eye and whole body coordination, balance, body and spatial awareness, and hand strength. The goal is for our Little Putters to learn how to become bilateral–to coordinate using both sides of their bodies at the same time.

To learn the technical aspects of the game, we focus on the 4 basics, G.A.S.P. - Grip, Aim, Stance and Posture.

We work with equipment that’s been specially designed for kids’ size and ability. Brands like ShortGolf, Littlest Golfer, BirdieBall and U.S. Kids Golf. This helps them learn while still being successful. We’ll introduce them to the different parts of a golf club, making contact with the ball, consistency, and the concept of hitting targets.

Being a good golfer means more than just knowing how to swing a club. It’s how you carry yourself too. So we introduce our Little Putters to proper etiquette, personal space, respecting the people around them, and, of course, safety.


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