Pathways to Success

Measuring the growth and success of our young golfers is key to their development. To reach that goal, we have created proprietary curricula with the help of experts in the field of early childhood motor and movement development.

We developed core competencies and parameters that help our teachers clearly assess where our golfers are along their journey, and which areas need attention:


Golf Specific Skills: like grip, aim, stance and posture

Golf Terminology & Knowledge: learning terms like green, fairway, fore and par, and how they’re relevant to the game

Life Skills: we teach proper etiquette, personal space, respect and safety

Fundamental Motor & Movement Skills: balance, hand strength, hand-eye coordination and other motor and movement skills can all affect our student’s growth as both golfers and athletes


I’ll admit I was a little skeptical about my kids starting Golf at two but what can I say - we were all hooked from the get-go. They continue to learn and develop so much with each lesson and are so happy to come back and work on their skills every week. I really think the quality of the program and teaching is second to none.
— Maddy S.