Putters Plus


Kids enrolled in Putters Plus will take the next step in advancing their game; learning to control their swing speed and length, while being introduced to different clubs and their uses.

To learn the technical aspects of the game, we focus on the 4 basics, G.A.S.P. - Grip, Aim, Stance and Posture. We work with equipment that’s been specially designed for kids’ size and ability. Brands like ShortGolf, Littlest Golfer, BirdieBall and U.S. Kids Golf. This helps them learn while still being successful.

Our golfers will learn the parts of a golf club and the three basic types of club heads. They will learn the difference between the types of clubs, including which use a tee and which are used to hit off the ground.

They will also be introduced to a scorecard and typical golf vocabulary like green, fairway, fore, par, birdie, and eagle.

Developing fundamental motor skills is an important part of the class. Putters Plus will continue to hone their balance, body and spatial awareness, and hand-eye coordination, and work on hand-strengthening activities. Students will learn to adjust the speed and length of their swing and how to approach the ball for each stroke.

Kids at this age are still mastering patience. So we’ll work on taking turns with their peers, as well as learning about etiquette.


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